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Kitchen Planning And Design

Kitchen Planning and Design
There are various ways in which we design our client's kitchens. Being, in our view, the most important process of the kitchen planning, we take considerable time and care in the detail that goes into the kitchen design stage.

One process is that we arrange an appointment to meet with the client on site. The client will give us an indication of their door choice (eg, white gloss) and we always take relevant sample doors so that the client can see and feel the different finishes in the comfort of their own home.

Prior to doing anything, we listen to the client's requirements with regard to what they would ideally like to see in their kitchen. This would include their desired appliances, rough layout ideas etc. We then measure the kitchen area. Once the measurements have been taken we discuss design possibilities with the client and provide ideas and space saving solutions, relevant to their previous instructions.

From experience we know that this process works as we can arrive at the client's ideal kitchen design, whilst knowing that it works based on our own measurements. More often than not we are able to provide excellent solutions to tricky or awkward areas that really make the best use of space.

Have your own kitchen plan?
If the client already has a design that they are happy with, we are more than happy to price a kitchen based on that design. Even in this scenario, we sometimes provide ideas that can improve on the design. This is either carried out in the client's home or over the phone. The client can also confirm the door choice, from our huge available range!

You have an architects plan?
Often we are asked by clients if we are able to design a kitchen from an architects plan for a proposed extension or new build house. The answer to this is yes, as this is the best time to create the best kitchen design before any building work has been completed. This is normally the most popular scenario and is done interactively with the client.

So there are many ways in which we design kitchens. As previously stated, our view is that good kitchen planning must always be interactive with the client involved at every stage. Ultimately it is the client who will be living in and cooking in the kitchen, and the kitchen design is always based on the individuality of the client's needs.

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